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Guidance on legal requirements for importation of drugs into Uganda

Wednesday, 27th June 2018

In accordance with the National Drug Policy and Authority Act (Cap 206), and Regulations on importation and exportation of drugs (S.I 34, 2014), National Drug Authority hereby informs you that importation of drugs is to be conducted by entities with a valid licence to operate a pharmacy and a valid import licence.

In regard to the above, please take note of the following regulations on importation and exportation of drugs (S.I 34, 2014)

1.    Regulation 3 requires that a person shall not import drugs into Uganda, without an import licence issued by the Authority. The licence is for a period of one year and is only valid within the calendar year within which it is issued.

2.    Regulation 4 prescribes the requirement for a person to have a licence to operate a pharmacy in order to be eligible to apply for an import licence.

3.    Regulation 6 requires that a licensed importer must apply to NDA for a Verification Certificate for each consignment of drugs prior to importation.

An entity without an import licence may be permitted to receive imported drugs through a licensed importer.

You are henceforth expected to comply with this guidance.

Yours sincerely,

David Nahamya