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Retention of products for financial year 2018 / 2019

Monday, 16th July 2018

 Retention of products for financial year 2018 / 2019

National Drug Authority wishes to inform you that retention of Human and Veterinary products on the drug register for financial year 2018 / 2019 will run from 1st July, 2018 to 1st September 2018. All products that will not have been retained by then will not appear on the monthly drug registers.

Retention invoices will be generated from NDAMIS by the Local Technical Representatives (LTRs). Therefore all Marketing Authorization holders are advised to liaise with their respective LTRs since NDA no longer generates Retention Proforma invoices.

LTRs who require assistance should come to NDA head office with a laptop and a sample list of products to be retained for guidance.


1.    An invoice should have products belonging to one Marketing Authorization Holder

2.    Check drug particulars and retention status of the product before selecting to ensure that that the right products are being retained.

3.    Check the invoice for any errors before proceeding to make payment to the bank. In case of any errors noted, the invoice should be cancelled and a new correct invoice generated and used in the bank

4.    Cancellation of unpaid invoices will be done by IT department

5.    No cancellation of invoices will be done after payment has been made.

6.    No replacement of products on an invoice will be made in case a wrong product was paid for

7.    For Telegraphic Transfer Payments, Real Time Gross Settlement of Electronic Fund Transfers, the invoice number should be the reference number.

8.    Each payment must settle only one invoice

9.    Ensure that the exact amount indicated on the invoice is what is paid in the bank. Partial payments will be rejected.

10.    Payment will be done at any Stanbic bank branch using the generated invoices.

Juliet Awori Okecho

For: Secretary to the Authority

Download Stepwise guide for Product retention on NDAMIS.