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Fee structure for a drug shop operator

Wednesday, 23rd November 2016

All Newapplicants for a drug shop license are required to submit the following before


  •         Completed application forms.
  •         Two recent passport size photosof the qualified professional in charge.
  •          A copy of the certificate of thequalified medical/pharmaceutical/veterinary profession in- charge.

Drug shops may only be supervisedby one of the following professionals with an approved medical, pharmaceuticalor veterinary qualification and active members of their professional councils

HUMAN DRUG SHOPS can be supervised by a Pharmacy Technician/dispensers,Registeredor Enrolled Nurse, Comprehensive Nurse, Registered or Enrolled midwife,Clinical Officer (Medical, psychiatric, othopaedic, Dental) and AnaestheticAssistant/officer.

VETERINARY DRUG SHOPS can be supervised by a VeterinarySurgeon (BVM), Animal Husbandry Officer (Diploma in Animal Husbandry /In Animalproduction and management) as approved by the Veterinary Board. VeterinaryAssistants from former Entebbe Veterinary Training Institute.


Note. All applicants for licenses to operate a drug shop MUST pay the relevant fees in Uganda shillingsthrough any branch of Stanbic Bank within their areas using NDA Banking slips(please indicate your NDA FIN on the Bank slip). NDA shall not be liable for anytransaction not made in the bank.