The National Drug Authority (NDA) was established in 1993 by the National Drug Policy and Authority Statute which in 2000 became the National Drug Policy and Authority (NDP/A) Act, Cap. 206 of the Laws of Uganda (2000 Edition).

The Act established a National Drug Policy and National Drug Authority to ensure the availability, at all times, of essential, efficacious and cost-effective drugs to the entire population of Uganda as a means of providing satisfactory healthcare and safeguarding the appropriate use of drugs.


A world class drug regulatory Agency.


To protect and promote human and animal health through the effective regulation of drugs and healthcare products.

Core Values

  • We care for the people of Uganda, striving for excellence in service underpinned by professionalism and fairness.
  • We take pride in what we do and we are motivated and passionate about achieving the highest standards of service.
  • We serve with integrity and are honest, transparent and accountable at all times.
  • We continuously nurture team spirit, respecting and supporting each other and working together to achieve common objectives
  • We take advantage of new opportunities for learning and use our knowledge and skills to innovate, creating value for our clients and the public.
The functions of the Drug Authority are stated under Section 5 of the NDP/A Act, Cap. 206.
  • Deal with the development and regulation of the pharmacies and drugs in the country
  • Control the importation, exportation and sale of pharmaceuticals
  • Control the quality of drugs
  • Promote and control local production of essential drugs
  • Encourage research and development of herbal medicines
  • Establish and revise professional guidelines and disseminate information to the health professionals and the public
  • Provide advice and guidance to the Minister and bodies concerned with drugs on the implementation of the National Drug Policy
  • Perform any other function that is connected with the above or that may be accorded to it by law.