• NDAMIS Import Export module: interface with the Uganda National Electronic Single Window (UNeSW) was successfully implemented and launched on 4th November 2016 by Hon. Amelia Kyambadde - Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives.

  • On going testing of condoms at NDA Uganda Quality Control Laboratory. During this process, NDA ensures that the condoms are of good quality as a measure of mitigating HIV/AIDs and STDs.

  • RECAP OF 2016 November 8th NDA Senior Inspector of drugs Mr Dennis Mwesigwa Interviewed by the Al jazeera News Channel team on NDA's role in regulating nutritional supplements and herbal products.

  • RECAP OF 2016 October 12th NDA team sensitizes the public on the drugs that have been recalled, their effects and recall procedures

  • RECAP OF 2016 October 4th Secretary to the Authority, Donna Kusemererwa accompanied by Inspector of Drugs and Enforcement Officers during pharmacy inspection exercise conducted in Kampala. Rigorous inspections of pharmaceutical establishments is NDA routine duty to ensure the population to access quality, safe and efficacious medicines.

  • RECAP OF 2016 October 13th NDA and New Vision group sign an agreement for the newspapers in education project aimed at creating NDA awareness and proper use of medicine

  • RECAP OF 2016 September 23rd Participants from patient rights advocacy groups meet in Gayaza to discuss issues pertaining empowering patients ad patients' safety

  • NDA Stakeholders' engagment on 2017 Licensing Guidelines

  • News reporters from 16 media houses during the NDA quality assurance session

  • NDA facilitating participants from patient rights advocacy groups on patient safety issues. The meeting was organised by Community Health And Information Network (CHAIN) in conjunction with Mulago Referral Hospital, TASO, and Uganda Cancer Institute.

A Uganda with safe, effective ,quality medicines and health care products.
Promoting and protecting public health through the effective regulation of human, animal medicines and health care products.
  • Striving for excellence in service underpinned by professionalism and fairness.
  • Being motivated and passionate about achieving the highest standards of service.
  • Serving with integrity and transparence.
  • Nurturing team spirit, respecting and supporting each other and working together to achieve common objectives.
  • Taking advantage of new opportunities for learning and using our knowledge and skills to innovate and create value for our clients and the public.

National Drug Authority

NDA is committed to protecting human and animal population from poor quality, unsafe and ineffective drugs.

Our emphasis will be on building public trust, changing perceptions on the quality of medicine on the market and what NDA as an organization is or is not doing. Where there are misconceptions we will correct through our internal process by restating the organizations values.

NDA requires a strong infrastructure and a dedicated workforce to fulfill its mandate. We will widen and strengthen our collaborations with government agencies, pharmaceutical operators, civil society

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