Ticks and tick borne diseases killing cattle (cows) in western and central Uganda due to emergence of multi-acaricide resistant ticks

For the last six years, the country has been facing the challenge of ticks not responding to drugs aimed at killing them…

End Rabies : Collaborate, Vacinate | Talk show | NTV

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World Rabies Day : Where does Uganda stand in the fight against rabies?

Radio talk show on SEKE Fm, to share with wider public the NDA mandate, regulatory functions, feed back from sub county sensitization in Nakaseke district, irrational use of vet drugs and corresponding public health/economic consequences.

Training of animal health workers at Nakaseke district DHO board room.

Head Veterinary Products re-echoing the feedback got from field activities to Nakaseke district security team (RDC, Deputy RDC, DISO, DPC, ACAO).This was on request from the RDC Nakaseke

Veterinary Stakeholders sensitization in various sub counties in Luwero district

Sensitization of stakeholders at Kabwohe Central Division, Sheema District

Sub county meetings with key opinion farmer leaders and sub county leadership

Luwero team meeting with RDC

Mbarara team in Shema district

Press conference in Fort portal following the veterinary support supervision exercise in Hoima region

Mbarara team in Mitoma District carrying out field visits

Tororo team on Radio general public sensitization on rational vet drugs use

Team supervising outlets in Gulu Northern region led by Dr Benard Eseru and Regional Manager David Kagwa

Various Nakaseke sensitization meetings while observing social distancing principles

A field visit to NAPlL, a Farm Service Center located in Kapeeka,
Nakaseke district

The center was conceived to be a one-stop-center for farm inputs to bridge the gap between farmers and inputs suppliers. It is believed, the center will promote supply of quality farm inputs to farmers and enhance collective bargaining for prices. Partnership was made with inputs suppliers of veterinary pharmaceutical products such as Bimeda and MTK but stopped by the NDA regional team on account of unsuitable premises among other regulatory requirements. The vet inputs suppliers momentarily withdrew.