Mandate of the Directorate

The Directorate of Product Assessment and Registration ensures that all medicines registered in Uganda meet national and internationally accepted quality, safety and efficacy standards. The Directorate is mandated to carry out a comprehensive scientific evaluation of marketing-authorization applications so that all pharmaceutical products intended for use in Uganda meet their intended purpose and requirements. The Directorate has a qualified team that handles a range of both human and veterinary locally made and imported drug products.

Key Activities

  • Evaluation of drug registration applications
  • Handling of post-registration amendments to drug applications
  • Archiving information on drug products (new applications, registered and suspended/de-registered)
  • Preparation and regular update of the National Drug Register


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Director Product Assessment & Registration
Dr. Juliet Okecho

Manager Medicines

Dr. Eunice Nakimuli

Manager Traditional & Complementary Medicines

Dr. Mutyaba Michael